Friction torque limiter chain coupling, overload clutch safety coupling

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Friction torque limiter chain coupling, overload clutch safety coupling 


Please see the catalog:CTLC-Friction-torque-limiter.


C45 steel hub, surface black oxidizing, imported friction plate


Advantages of Talent Friction torque limiter chain coupling:

1.Torque limiter couplings are strong and uncomplicated overload protections for the connection of two shafts.  Two sprockets are tightly connected with a duplex roller chain.

2.Standard products are bidirectional. Torque value remains the same regardless of rotation.

3.Every Talent torque limiter is made from durable heat treated steel for a long operational life.

4.Wide range with finish bores H7 and keyway available from stock


Friction torque limiter is a kind of overload clutch, suitable for Conveyors, Woodworking Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Mechanical Handling equipment and Agricultural Machinery,Bottling, Food processing,etc.