Friction torque limiter with sprocket, overload clutch

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Friction torque limiter with sprocket , overload clutch


Please see the catalog:CTL-Friction-torque-limiter.


C45 steel hub, surface black oxidizing, imported friction plate


Advantages of Talent Friction torque limiter:

1.Torque values can be changed in the field, however, the torque limiter must be disassembled and the springs replaced to achieve the new torque value.

2.Standard products are bidirectional. Torque value remains the same regardless of rotation.

3.Every Talent torque limiter is made from durable heat treated steel for a long operational life.

4.Wide range with finish bores H7 and keyway available from stock


Friction torque limiter is a kind of overload clutch, suitable for Conveyors, Woodworking Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Mechanical Handling equipment and Agricultural Machinery,etc.