​Diaphragm couplings

8th Dec 2017

Diaphragm couplings transmit torque from the outside diameter of a flexible plate to the inside diameter, across the spool or spacer piece, and then from inside to outside diameter. The deforming of a … read more

Flexible jaw couplings

Posted by Wikipedia on 8th Dec 2017

A jaw coupling is a type of general purpose power transmission coupling that also can be used in motion control (servo) applications. It is designed to transmit torque (by connecting two shafts) while … read more

Ball detent torque limiter introducing

Posted by Talent on 10th Aug 2017

In a ball detent torque limiter design, there is some type of spring mechanism, or a spring disk, a curved spring disk, or a spring with a flat plate. A precision hole is also machined in that disk, … read more

Flexible beam couplings

1st Jul 2017

Talent manufactures series of zero backlash flexible beam couplings in different dimensions.Helical beam couplings should be used in applications in which misalignment exists between the two shafts be … read more