64N big force micro DC linear actuator

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64N high speed micro DC linear actuator, mini linear actuator


Please see below dimensions.

【Max. Load】


【Installation length

55 + S(Stroke length)


Advantages of Micro DC linear actuator, small linear actuator 

  • Voltage of motor: 6V DC, 12V DC,

  • Maximum load: 64N in pull/push

  • Maximum speed at full load: 15mm/s ( load 64N)

  • Stroke: 10mm,21mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm

  • Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 55 mm;

  • Color: Silver gray or black

  • IP rating: IP54

  • Operational temperature range: -5°C~+50°C

  • Operational temperature range at full performance: +5°C~+45°C

  • Higher duty cycle (10%),

  • High strength metallic zinc alloy housing protects motor and gear

  • Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)

  • Micro-12VDC-linear-actuator-size.jpg


The LA-T8 miniature linear actuator is suitable for all the applications where has very limited space.

Medical & Health equipment, Automatic switch window, Furniture automation, Clean Energy, woodworking machinery, logistic equipment, agriculture machines and so on.