D-Mover 4 Axis Motion Simulation kit, Home version

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Suitable for almost all commercial and self-made aluminum profile seats to upgrade to dynamic seats.

The Kit contains:

D-Mover integrated electric cylinder x4

D-Mover compact power box  x1

Special connection wire  x4

E-Stop switch with connection wire x1

USB control wire x1

Installation attachment x2



1. Self-developed drive control integrated electric cylinder

The actuator parameter:

Stroke: 127mm(5Inches, custom stroke is available)

Speed: 240mm/s(Rated)

Loading capacity: 60~100KG(Adaptive to loading)

Max Acceleration : 2G

Input voltage: 48V DC.

Use special low voltage DC servo motor, High Dynamic Response.

The actuator adopts a modular design, the stroke length can be customized, and the installation interface is reserved to facilitate the upgrade of the 6-DOF platform

2. Use DC 48V safety voltage with very compact power box.

Power box size:14.5*28*8.5cm

Power supply:1200W

Input voltage: AC110/220V(depend on the buyer)

Output voltage: DC 48V (The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) stipulates that the safe voltage limit value is 50 DC volts).

P.S.:It's only a power distributor, no need extra drive controller equipment, our driver controller is integrated to the actuator.

3. Turn key USB kit, easy plug & play

This is a plug & play kit, USB connect, no additional hardware or DIY is needed. Very simple wiring(Possibly the most simple on the market), all you need is plug in, everyone can do it.

4. Due to our speed and position double-loop control tech, this actuator kit bring us very good performance and immersion. Adopting advanced CANBUS communication method, Synchronization is also very good, almost no latency(<2ms). Theoretically, it can support synchronous motion of up to 255 axes.