Heavy duty friction torque limiter, high speed overload clutch

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Large torque friction limiter, high speed overload clutch


Please see the catalog:DF-Friction-torque-limiter.


C45 steel hub, surface black oxidizing, imported friction plate


Advantages of Talent Friction torque limiter:
*Simple and economic friction torque limiter, up to 23.000Nm of torque and 140mm bore.
*Suitable for dusty conditions without need of timing between gearbox and output.
*Silent overload without vibration.
*Protection in both rotation directions.
*Simple and precise torque setting by adjusting the locking ring.
*Complete with transmission gear, fully turned and mounted (plate wheel, pulley, gear pair).
*Possibility of connections with bore and keyway, locking assembly or other locking systems.


Friction torque limiter is a kind of overload clutch, suitable for Forming machines, Conveyors, Woodworking Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Mechanical Handling equipment and Agricultural Machinery,Automotive,etc.