TTF roller torque limiter, overload clutch

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TTF roller torque limiter, overload clutch


Please see the catalog:Roller-torque-limiter.


High strength of steel, surface nitriding hardening treatment


Advantages of TTF roller torque limiter, overload clutch:

•Suitable for use under working condition where requires frequent disengagement-engagement.
•Extremely wearable, can stand up to 13,000 times of overloads per day.
•Can be equipped with proximity switches or mechanical switches to stop the drive
•High precision, simple adjustment, big torque range, the minimum can reach 0.3Nm.
•Automatic re-engagement.
•Suitable for use in moist and oily environments with high torque and vibration.
Combination with couplings for shaft to shaft connection optional.


TTF roller torque limiter, overload clutch, is a precise torque limiter, mainly used in capping machine, screw machine, automation, when require the high torque accuracy and frequent the overload times, can instead of cam gap mechanism.